I have raised and shown Yorkshire
Terriers for 28 years. I still get so
excited when the new babies are
born. I enjoy watching them mature
into beautiful Yorkies.
Most of the
Yorkie pups
use him for a
warm place
to lay on.
And since he
rarely moves
unless there
is a security
issue, most
of the day he
will have one
on his back
and another
pup curled up
with him.
Click for a larger image
Click for a larger image
Hot-see and Wuzzy from Tweety
and Pal. Taken about
November '06.
Whoopie, from many years ago
Dyna won First Place at a
Specialty      Show for Yorkies at The
Hilton Hotel
Fransisco in
the 70's. We
traveled up
and down the
west coast to
show after
show. We
made many
friends who
shared our
love for the
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